MacBook Pro Random Shut Off Fix

The Problem

At the beginning of this year (2018) my MacBook Pro mid-summer 2014 retina 15" started having an issue with random "silent" shutdowns. The computer would randomly turn off with the screen on, and the fans started to work at max level for 15-30 seconds before turning off.

The Solution

I've searched many forms for a fix to this problem, I've come across two great resources in which I've found a solutions to the problem. The MacRumors form proved helpful, I've used this post to find the solution and ill sum it up here:

Python Script

The Python script is a really easy fix and is the one I'm currently using

Step 1: Download Python
Step 2: Open Automator
  • create a new document and then an application.

Step 3: In Automator
  • Search for shell script and drag it to the workflow

Step 4: The Script
  • Copy the code below (you can adjust your sleep timer) and pass the input as arguments:

Run Shell Scipt — bin/bash/python — 80x10

from time import sleep

while True:

Step 5: The Script
  • Save it as an application in the applications folder

Step 6: Set the scripts as a Startup App
  • In macOS settings, go to user and groups and add your app as a login item.

Step 7: Reboot
  • Restart your computer. You should see a spinning gear on the menu bar